Us Secretary of state Michael Pompeo called constructive held in Sochi meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin and stressed that the purpose of the meeting was to try to find issues on which the possible convergence of positions, he said in an interview with Fox News.”I think the meeting was constructive, — he said. — Yes, there are problems that we will never approach the same way because we have two different views.”

“On behalf of President [Donald] Trump, my task was to find issues on which we can develop a common understanding, and these issues are few, — he continued. — We interacted on the problems of combating terrorism and, as I believe, we saved both the lives of Americans and Russians. In Syria and Afghanistan, we have common interests in fighting terrorist threats. At the same time, I clearly stated about American interests, and President Trump, like no other, is determined to ensure the protection of these American interests from the Russians.”

When asked whether Russia will change its policy towards Venezuela, us Secretary of state said: “We’ll See. Time will tell.”

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