Pompeo threatens Russia with elimination of high-ranking military

By | February 5, 2020
Pompeo threatens Russia with elimination of high-ranking military

It is likely that Michael Pompeo decided to threaten the Russian Federation, against the background of the alleged achievements of the United States in Iran to eliminate high-ranking military, and in particular generals
However, Russia will not let the States down such arrogance, they will not go unpunished from such a situation. Meanwhile, the field of how the Americans destroyed General Suleimani, Iran responded to them by conducting strikes on Iraq, where the American bases are located, but there were no special losses.

After what the United States did, the world community was very indignant, a number of countries expressed indignation and appeal not to allow such things on the territory of other countries. However, Us shows that it is simply spitting on public opinion. They do what they want to know that there will be no serious consequences.

Against the backdrop of all this impunity, Michael Pompeo said that this kind of elimination is a new strategy of the United States in the framework of deterring enemies of the state.

He noted that such a strategy would concern Russia and China as well. Hinting that they are ready to eliminate not only military personnel but also individual officials of these countries.

As Pompeo concluded, President Trump is exercising freedom not only for the United States but for the world. In his opinion, the European, and indeed the rest of the world should not express their concern, but rather be grateful to the United States for their contribution to world security.

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