Pope prayed to God to help scientist with coronovirus!

Pope prayed to God to help scientist with coronovirus!

The 83-year-old pontiff spoke on the empty square of St. Peter with the message Urbi et Orbi, comparing what is happening in the world with the gospel story
Pope Francis addressed the City and Peace (Urbi et Orbi) on the evening of March 27, during which he prayed for the end of the new coronavirus pandemic. This was reported by the information portal of the Holy See Vatican News.

The 83-year-old pontiff spoke on the empty St. Peter’s Square in the Vatican – access was closed on March 10 as part of the fight against the spread of infection. The appeal of Pope Francis was broadcast on Facebook, YouTube, on television and on the radio.

The Pope read an excerpt from the Gospel of St. Mark about Jesus Christ and his disciples, who fell into a storm, moving across the sea. “We were all taken aback by an unexpected and violent storm, and we all suddenly noticed that we were in the same boat, equally fragile and confused. <...> It is very easy to recognize yourself in this story, ”he said, addressing the faithful. In this connection, he quoted Jesus as saying: “Why are you so fearful? Do you really have no faith? ”

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In his sermon, the pontiff also mentioned ordinary people who “inspire hope, taking care not to sow panic, but universal responsibility.”

With the address of Urbi et Orbi, the Pope traditionally speaks at the Christmas and Easter holidays, during the intronization ceremony after the election, and in rare cases for the blessing of pilgrims.

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