Popular American TikTok blogger pleasing 80-year-old man for breast augmentation


Popular American TikTok blogger Hannag Foran under the nickname @parishiltonslefttitty admitted that she once gratified an 80-year-old man for a free breast augmentation surgery. Reported by the Daily Star.

“Okay, damn it. Once, in pink thongs, I spanked an 80-year-old man who was married with a wooden spatula for free breast augmentation, ”said the blogger, whose channel has more than 107,000 subscribers.

The recognition of the American got about 840 thousand likes. Many fans praised the girl for her self-confidence and methods of achieving her own goals.

In early commercials, Foran said that she planned to arrange her life in the same way as the character Reese Witherspoon from the movie “Legally Blonde.” However, she soon abandoned the idea and dropped out of college to live off wealthy older men.

Earlier, a blogger became famous on the network, who originally took revenge on the cheating guy. The heroine of the video printed out all the correspondence of the former young man with other girls in social networks, and then, using superglue, hung the sheets all over his bedroom.

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