Popular blogger dies from falling tree on car

Popular blogger dies from falling tree on car

Popular American TikTok blogger Rochelle Hager, to whose page more than 100 thousand people are subscribed, died in an accident on the road. A tree fell on the car she was in. Reported by Distractify.

On March 29, Hager was driving in a car during a strong stormy wind. The storm turned out to be so powerful that it knocked down a tree on the road where a 31-year-old blogger was passing by at that moment. The woman died on the spot before the ambulance arrived.

Information about the death of Hager was confirmed by her fiancée Brittanie Lynn. She posted a video on her TikTok account in which she spoke about the incident with her lover.

“Today I lost the love of my life … Thank you for showing me what true love is. I will love you forever, ”added Lynn.

Earlier in the United States, the popular YouTube blogger Moses McCormick, who released videos under the pseudonym Laoshu, died. The 39-year-old American died on March 4 due to heart disease.