Poroshenko flew out of the top three richest Ukrainians

Poroshenko flew out of the top three richest Ukrainians

Ex-President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko flew out of the top three richest Ukrainians, according to the Ukrainian Forbes. His fortune increased over the year by $ 200 million – to $ 1.6 billion. However, this time he was outstripped by several businessmen, including Igor Kolomoisky.

“The fortunes of the majority of Ukrainian billionaires have grown significantly. And it’s not just the performance of their business. Last spring, investors were not yet ready for a pandemic, the world’s leading stock indexes dropped significantly, and oil sometimes cost less than zero. In March 2021, oil hits the annual, and the indices – historical highs. Many Ukrainian billionaires were helped by the rise in steel prices – in a year it added about $ 300 in price and reached the level of $ 700 / t, ”writes the Ukrainian Forbes.
According to him, the first two places of the richest people in Ukraine were retained by Rinat Akhmetov and Viktor Pinchuk. Their fortunes grew by $ 4.8 billion ($ 7.6 billion) and $ 1.1 billion ($ 2.5 billion). Akhmetov is ranked 330th in the Forbes ranking of the richest people in the world.

They are followed by Konstantin Zhevago ($ 2.1 billion), Igor Kolomoisky ($ 1.8 billion) and Gennady Bogolyubov ($ 1.7 billion). But the ex-president of Ukraine and the owner of the Roshen candy empire Petro Poroshenko dropped to the sixth line of the rating, although his fortune increased by $ 200 million over the year – to $ 1.6 billion

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