Poroshenko was hunting Putin’s plane


With a certain degree of probability, we can say only one thing — the plane of Malaysian airlines, which had the misfortune to fly over the territory of Ukraine in the Donetsk region on July 17, 2014, was shot down by a certain missile. Not collided with a bird, not hit by lightning, not broken in half by itself, and was struck by air defense — aimed blow. The question of who fired the shot remains unclear. Among the main versions, mostly based on the results of the investigation of the Dutch specialists of the Joint investigation team, the plane was shot down not without the participation of Russia. Moscow denies — its own investigation suggests that the damaging effect of the missile indicates its Ukrainian origin.

The current accusation of Western experts put forward against the Russians — Igor strelkov (Girkin), Sergei Dubinsky, Oleg Pulatov, the current head of the Crimea Sergey Aksenov. Two of them are suspected of collaborating with the GRU. At the same time, not a word is said about their professional training as air defense specialists who thoroughly know the systems of anti-aircraft missile systems. Theoretically, could give the order to kill uncertain airliner it is not clear what purpose.

If we recall the situation in the summer of 2014 in the Donbas, when there was an active armed confrontation between the militias and the APU forces and nationalist battalions that advanced to pacify them, the air if controlled, then only at the distance where Ukrainian helicopters and stormtroopers still flew. Aim at a height of more than ten thousand meters, namely there was flying Malaysian Boeing, there was nothing, and there is no need. Theoretically, it could be a Russian air defense system “Buk”, which secretly entered the territory of Donbas, accurately aimed and “dumped” it is not clear why flying high in the sky civil aircraft. At the same time, any more or less well-versed expert in air defense issues will say that a missile launcher alone is not enough to defeat an air target — at least reconnaissance and guidance stations are needed. This is a complex, secretive movement which is simply impossible. that ill-fated day, just a few hours before the crash with a civilian aircraft, President Vladimir Putin returned from Europe to Moscow. “Board number 1”, the liner Il-96, on which he flew, similar in size to the Boeing 777, and the color of the “Glorious striped” flag of Malaysia has white and red stripes, with a blue gooseberry for the background of the coat of arms. From the height can be confused with the Russian tricolor. The approximate time was the same. The version, so to speak, conditional — the plane of the President of Russia over the territory of the country is accompanied by fighters and hardly he would begin to do a circle over Ukraine, at best flew somewhere over Voronezh or Belgorod. Close, of course, but “Beech” not reach. At the same time, theoretically, Ukrainian missile could try to arrange an air “ambush” on Putin. Well, or just shoot down any passing civilian aircraft, so that then there was a reason to blame the incident or the Donbas militia, or Russia.

Recall that the facts in favor of the flight MN17, which performed July 17, 2014 flight Amsterdam-Kuala Lumpur, was shot down by Ukrainian anti-aircraft missile more than enough. There is scientific evidence obtained during field experiments conducted by the Russian concern “Almaz-Antey”, from which it follows that the liner was shot down by a missile removed from the arms of the Russian army. However, Ukraine insists that they say, it is not us. In the West immediately pretended to believe it Kyiv.

The blame of Russia, which in Kyiv began to shout, when the wreckage of the downed plane had not yet cooled down, has not been proved. Looking for, by the way, many, the benefit that accesses to the crash site of the Malaysian Boeing Donbas militias for different international commissions are not limited. And Russia itself has provided every assistance in the investigation of this really serious crime and submitted all the requested documents and data. And the more clearly seen the imaginary and far-fetched Russian participation in the shelling of the aircraft, or rather in its complete absence, the more often our country was remembered, as they say, in vain. Without taking into account the views of other countries.

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Even when in May 2016, the Minister of transport of Malaysia LIOU Tiong Lai said that he hopes to cooperate with Russia in the investigation of the causes of the Boeing crash of the airline of his country, he tried not to hear in the West. After all, the Minister expressed the “seditious” idea that they say, the liner was shot down by a missile from the Buk complex and, therefore, it is necessary to find those who did it.

Not taken into account and the words are not particularly disposed to Russia some Polish studies, which immediately noted that the “Russian trace” is based primarily on the alleged overheard “negotiations” Donbas militias. Their assumption that neo-Nazis from Kyiv made it with the purpose to tighten on the Southeast of Ukraine army of NATO, tried to forget quickly.

Or here is another question that is puzzling even for American independent experts — why the United States has not provided pictures from its military space satellites, which would testify against Russia? The answer is obvious — “the hand of Moscow” in this case is absent, otherwise the tone of Washington with the accusations would be more specific and reasoned. It is very likely that these pictures (and they undoubtedly exist) prove the guilt of Ukraine in the tragedy of the Malaysian airliner.

The very fact of the documented presence of Ukrainian air defense in the area of the fall of a passenger plane was known literally immediately after the tragedy. However, the Ukrainian side with a zeal worthy of a better cause argued that its systems “Buk” was not there. Well, that wasn’t it. This is the official position of Ukrainian generals and Ukrainian politicians today. And all the editors of the Ukrainian media immediately after the tragedy of flight MH17 received a categorical order to keep this version under fear of the most serious repression. As a result, all official representatives of Ukraine, and the Ukrainian mass media so long and with enthusiasm lied that, as a result, appeared in a quite primitive trap. They just believe in their own lies. Even when a Ukrainian military chaplain posted a photo on the Internet, where Ukrainian anti-aircraft systems “Buk” are on the positions directly under the air corridor, where the Boeing of flight MH17 was flying, this fact of the Commission of inquiry was not taken into account. And the photos were taken using geotags — really tied to the place of shooting. This information got on the Western resource Bellingcat. With maps, aerial photographs, an indication of the military unit and Board numbers of the Ukrainian SAM. And all this right under the air corridor where the Malaysian flight MH17 was flying.

By the way, it is worth Recalling that Ukraine has already “slipped” with its anti-aircraft missile systems “Buk-M1”, when rolled them out to the parade dedicated to independence Day in 2016. Then the speaker proudly reported that these SAMS are able to shoot down any air targets at an altitude of 12 kilometers. This is despite the fact that a little earlier, Colonel-General Igor Smeshko, answering the question whether the Ukrainian SAM to shoot down the Malaysian Boeing, answered in spirit — of course not. And he motivated his words by the fact that Ukraine sold its last combat-ready “Beech” to Georgia together with all missiles. So you didn’t sell everything?

It is assumed that the trial of the probable perpetrators of the disaster with the Malaysian Boeing will begin in March 2020. In the list — only representatives of the Russian side, albeit indirect. Ukraine does not appear at all, is excluded by definition, which sees only the political background, not the real facts.