Portrait of Biden’s wife: Jill cheated on her husband and shocked her bikini.

Portrait of Biden's wife: Jill cheated on her husband and shocked her bikini.

The potential first lady of the USA – not an easy thing to do

In connection with the U.S. elections, voters are interested not only in the victory of Trump or Biden but also in the personality of a potential first lady. If in Russia a lot of people know about Melanie Trump, then Jill Biden is not so well known. We have collected the main facts about the potential first lady of the United States.
Jill Biden (maiden name Jacobs) was born in 1951 in a family of a bank teller and a housewife in Hammonton (New Jersey). She grew up the eldest of five sisters in Willow Grove, Pennsylvania.

In high school, Jill was a real rebel, but at the same time showed a genuine interest in knowledge. After graduating from high school, the girl began to be fond of fashion, which prompted her to go to Brandywine Junior College to study merchandising in the fashion industry. But she did not study there in spirit, she studied only one semester and went to the Department of Linguistics at the University of Delaware.

Biden has a bachelor’s degree and two other master’s degrees, in addition to which she became a doctor of education in 2007.

With her first wife, a former professional soccer player, Bill Stevenson, 19-year-old Jill met while she was in college. They got married in 1970. After the wedding, Stevenson became the owner of one of the most successful student bars in Newark, Delaware, and his young wife focused on her studies. However, in 1974, Jill and Bill decided to split up, and in May 1975 they were officially divorced.

Jill met Biden in March 1975 after his brother Joe Frank had arranged a blind date with them. Joe was 9 years older than her.

At that time, the young senator was suffering a serious loss: a few years earlier, his wife Neilya and a year old daughter Naomi died in a car accident. Two other Biden’s children from their first marriage, Bo and Hunter, who were in the same car, miraculously survived.

Despite the fact that Jill was still in university, and Joe was already an established man and father of two children, the couple managed to quickly find a common language.
jill biden bikini
“We went to the movie Man and Woman in Philadelphia,” Jill told Vogue. – And we had a good time. He walked me home, shook my hand, and said good night.

The girl was so impressed with Biden’s manners that she called her mother right after the meeting and said: “Mom, I finally met a gentleman.

Meanwhile, Jill’s ex-husband tells this story differently. Most recently, he said in an interview with The Daily Mail that his ex-husband met Joe before their marriage broke up. Back then, Jill was working on Biden’s first senatorial campaign. Two years later, Stevenson suspected they were having an affair. “I don’t want to hurt anyone, but facts are facts,” Bill Stevenson stressed.

Biden four times unsuccessfully asked for Jill’s hand and heart. And only for the fifth time, she finally agreed. Jill herself said that at that time she wanted to be 100 percent sure that she and Joe could create a happy family.

By that time, I really loved the boys (Biden’s sons) and felt this marriage would have a positive impact on them,” she said. – They lost their mother, and there was no way I could let them lose another.

In June 1977, the couple made their wedding vows under the vaults of the UN chapel in New York City. Next to them, young Bo and Hunter stood at the altar. “They thought this was how the four of us got married,” Biden later wrote in his memoirs.

Four years later, the couple had a daughter, Ashley, and the family moved to Wilmington, Delaware.

After graduating from the University of Delaware in 1975, Jill began working as a primary English teacher in Wilmington and later became a teacher at Rockford Psychiatric Hospital, where she taught teenagers a special program. Biden was absolutely not afraid to work with difficult children. She felt this was her calling. Moreover, when Joe ran for president of the United States for the first time in 1998, she said she would continue teaching, even if she became the first lady.
The role of the “second lady”

When Barack Obama won the U.S. presidential election in 2009, Joe Biden became vice president. Although Jill spent eight years as a “second lady” of the state, she continued as a full-time professor at North Virginia Community College. This was the first time in the history of the United States that the wife of the current vice president was working as a paid employee.
jill biden bikini
I knew that if I let myself “slow down,” Joe’s life would consume me completely,” Jill told the People in 2009. – But I have my own job and my own life in which I benefit others. And it seems that she still adheres to these principles.

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If we get to the White House, I’ll keep teaching,” said the potential first lady in a 2020 CBS interview. – This is very important. I want people to appreciate the work of teachers and respect the profession.
What’s more, Jill knows better than anyone about the importance of a strong bond between the first and second spouses: her strong friendship with Michelle Obama was as strong as their husbands’ famous “bromance”, which led women to join forces in educational initiatives and the military family support program.

Jill is not just smart, but also kind,” The Telegraph quotes Michelle Obama. – She is very funny, and she is one of the strongest people I know. I love her and I admire her with all my heart.

The Four Bidens have also been actively involved in research and initiatives to find a cure for cancer for decades. And in 2013, the family had another good reason for this struggle: their son Bo was diagnosed with brain cancer. Two years later, the disease still won and he died at the age of 46. After that, Joe and Jill became the faces of national cancer campaigns.

“She came out in a bikini with the word “no” on her stomach.

Jill has always been rather reserved about entering the political arena, although she is called Joe’s greatest advocate. Not only in the verbal sense, but also in the physical one.

Thus, at Biden’s Super Tuesday rally on March 3, 2020, two women with posters “Say no to dairy products” ran towards the stage where the politician was performing. They were stopped by Biden’s senior advisor, Simon Sanders, and Jill, who actually closed her husband to keep angry activists away from him. Video of the incident immediately spread over the Internet and became viral in a matter of hours.

In addition, it is believed that Jill is one of Joe’s most trusted political advisors. Biden’s former chief of staff, Ron Klein, told the Washington Post that Jill was “the most important asset” in her husband’s fight for president.

Absolutely her – along with his sister – is his most trusted advisor,” he added. – She understands well what works for him and what doesn’t; and she’s also doing a great job of tracking public sentiment. But we must admit that during their 43-year marriage the wife of a democratic politician did not always support her husband’s presidential ambitions. Earlier Jill herself said that in 2004, Biden was pressured to run for president. However, she was strongly against this idea. So much so that when a group of supporters showed up at their house in Delaware to convince Joe to run for president, she walked into a bikini room with a “no” sign on her stomach. “This caught his attention. I won’t tell you who was sitting in that room, but they understood my message,” she shared.

But her opinion about Biden’s nomination changed when George W. Bush won the 2004 election. She was so disappointed with the result that she wore black for a whole week. When Jill did “come out of mourning,” she urged her husband to run in 2008.

“This is how the first lady will be Jill.”

In 2020, Jill took a more active part in her husband’s campaign than in the previous ones, even taking a long vacation at work.

Jill has repeatedly spoken out about the impact of COVID-19 on education and has been an ardent opponent of the current U.S. Secretary of Education, saying, “The first thing Joe is going to do is choose an education minister who is a public school teacher with classroom experience. I want to say I hear it over and over again – no more Betsy Devos.

Earlier this year, Jill Biden gave a speech at the national congress of the Democratic Party when her husband was officially nominated as a presidential candidate. She was standing in a classroom where she taught students 30 years ago.

“How to reconcile a broken family? – she said in her address. – As well as the whole nation. Through love and understanding, with courage and unshakeable faith”.

The potential First Lady chose the moment to make a statement about what political figure she intends to become. But I think it’s better than her husband said for her: “All of you living in the country, just think about your favorite teacher, who gave you the confidence to believe in yourself. This is the first lady… will be Jill Biden.