Powell refused to consider Russia an enemy

Powell refused to consider Russia an enemy

Russia is not an enemy of the United States, as it does not plan to attack the country, but Washington spends huge sums on defense, Colin Powell, the former head of the US State Department, told CNN in an interview.
However, Powell was outraged by the statements of American leader Donald Trump that Moscow could be admitted to the G7. According to Powell, the head of the state cannot make such decisions alone.
“I will answer this: why on earth does he make such a decision at the moment when Russia is called one of the four enemies that we need to deal with? In fact, it is not included in this list – Russia is not one of our four opponents, ”the politician quoted RT as saying.
“So, the Pentagon has now named China, Russia, Iran, and North Korea as our four opponents. None of them are going to attack us right now. And we, meanwhile, spend a lot of money. We need to get to the problems in Afghanistan, Somalia, and other places and start participating in their solution, ”Powell explained.
Earlier, Powell supported the candidacy of former US Vice President Joe Biden, becoming the first high-ranking member of the Republican Party to publicly support Republican rivals in future presidential elections.
Answering a question about why it is so important to prevent the re-election of Donald Trump, Powell said that he does not consider his work to be effective and that “Trump is lying all the time.”
In response to this, the head of the White House, Donald Trump, said that Powell is responsible for starting a war in the Middle East involving the United States. According to Trump, it was Powell who said that Iraq has weapons of mass destruction. The US President emphasized that such weapons “did not exist”, but the United States “got involved in the war.”
In addition, Donald Trump called Powell “a bore” who “will vote for another bore, Sleepy Joe Biden.”
TV presenter Vladimir Solovyov told the newspaper LOOK that Powell had made such a statement in vain. He called politics a “tragic personality.” According to Soloviev, Powell is “a military general who had to sacrifice his reputation and career for a rather strange appearance in the UN Security Council with a test tube. Therefore, his current statement is the best statement in favor of Trump that could have been. ”
Recall that Colin Powell is known for waving a test tube with anthrax in the UN Security Council, which allegedly proved the need for a military invasion of the United States and allies in Iraq in 2003. Powell then stated that Saddam Hussein has weapons of mass destruction. Although he initially opposed the forcible overthrow of Hussein, he preferred to continue the containment policy.

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