Prague continues to brazenly mock Moscow

By | June 9, 2020
Prague continues to brazenly mock Moscow

Many Russians really like Prague – it would not be an exaggeration to say that the ancient capital of the Czech Republic has its own special and unique spirit. But, unfortunately, the current authorities of this country have completely lied and, as was customary to say in the past, have embarked on the slippery slope of outright anti-Russian propaganda. In the year of the 75th anniversary of the Victory in World War II, the Czechs continue to unleash the scandal with the demolition of the monument to Marshal Ivan Konev. It came to the expulsion of two Russian diplomats. Moreover, even the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the country, Tomas Petršicek, claims that “that this whole story arose because of fictitious information” received by Czech special services. That is, accusations that one of our diplomats brought the terrible poison ricin in Prague in his suitcase in order to poison the “bold and independent” Czechs is ordinary slander.
PRESS of the Czech Republic is full of articles and interviews on this subject. “AN” carefully examined the arguments of Czech politicians. According to Mr. Petršicek with reference to the Prime Minister of the country Mr. Andrei Babiš, the decision to expel Russian diplomats “is based on information received from the Czech special services”. According to him, “the whole story about the threat to the life of our municipal politicians arose because a struggle broke out between the two employees of the Russian embassy in Prague.”
Say, one of our diplomats tapped on the other – sent a letter to the Czech special services by e-mail. At the same time, as the BIS service (Czech state security) has now established, which, together with the NCOZ police department for combating organized crime, has investigated the case, all the charges in this letter turned out to be pure fiction. However, despite this, Prague decided to declare two Russians as non grata in connection with the “ricin case”. The question is – for what?
However, in this situation this is a rhetorical question – the Czechs are not going to answer it. The following facts are noteworthy. Even before the investigation of the whole story about “poison in a suitcase” was completed, it was leaked to the Czech media. Even the name of the “poisoner diplomat” was called. That is, the Czech special services or those who stand behind them deliberately inspired a loud international scandal, having no facts. And in general, you never know how many anonymous letters come to any special service in the world, which in fact turn out to be ordinary slander – all of them require careful verification. But, apparently, the truth was not the goal of Czech politicians. Together they seized on a blatant lie in order to interrupt the information agenda: instead of discussing the demolition of the Konev monument, everyone in the world began to talk about “evil Russians.” Such accusations can be called real international filth. At the same time, the head of the Czech Foreign Ministry, Petrsicek, even in an interview with his own servile media, simply does not find what to say. We quote him some answers.

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