Prankers called Sanders on behalf of Greta Tunberg

Russian pranksters pretended to be the father of an eco-activist and asked the American politician how to respond to the invitation to Russia.
Russian pranksters Vovan and Lexus (Vladimir Kuznetsov and Alexei Stolyarov) called Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders on behalf of Greta Tunberg and her father. The corresponding recording was posted on their YouTube channel.

During the conversation, Sanders complained that President Donald Trump did not recognize the problem of climate change.

“You’re doing an incredible job and giving me some hope. But let me say a very sad thing that’s happening right now. We now have a president who not only does not recognize the problem of climate change but generally encourages the extraction of natural fuels, which is a very bad thing,” the politician said.

When the prankster, who introduced himself as Greta Svante’s father, asked Sanders for advice on how to respond to the “invitation to Russia”, he cautioned that in this case Greta could be used, and she should make the Russian authorities promise to change energy policy.

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“I don’t think what you need to do is get your time there to be used. I think before you go there, you have to study everything and make a statement: you’re going to Russia! Russia is one of the most important economies in the world, and it is necessary that their government knows about climate change and instructs you to do everything it can to change their energy system and work with other countries,” he said.

At the same time, the American politician criticized Moscow for bad policy on climate change, as it “earns a lot of money” on oil sales.
Recall that in December last year, Russian pranksters called Zelinsky. The head of the state allegedly asked the pranksters what to respond to the greeting “Glory to Ukraine”.

Before that, the pranksters talked to Metropolitan Epiphany. During the conversation, the head of the church had a feeling that he was being provoked, and he stopped the conversation.