Preparations for Trump's impeachment have begun in the U.S. | TOP-NEWS
Preparations for Trump's impeachment have begun in the U.S.

Preparations for Trump’s impeachment have begun in the U.S.

A member of the Democratic Party from the state of Minnesota Ilhan Omar said that she is preparing documents to launch impeachment proceedings against incumbent U.S. President Donald Trump. She announced this on her Twitter account.

The American leader may leave the office early, until January 20. “Donald Trump must be retired by the House of Representatives and removed from office by the U.S. Senate. We cannot allow him to remain in office,” Omar said.

Earlier, Trump supporters clashed with police near the Capitol in Washington. Protesters stormed the building and surrounded the Senate chamber. The Senate and House of Representatives interrupted a session scheduled to approve the results of the electoral college vote, according to which Democrat Joe Biden won the presidential election. Later, one of the protesters was shot in the chest in the U.S. Congress building. Trump himself urged supporters to act peacefully and support the police.

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