President Dodon: Maya Sandu will walk with outstretched hand

President Dodon: Maya Sandu will walk with outstretched hand

The current President of the Republic of Moldova Igor Dodon spoke about blocking the export of Moldovan goods to Russia and the destruction of the local producer today, November 3, during a press conference in Chisinau. In particular, Dodon said that his opponent in the presidential race Maya Sandu (presidential candidate from the party “Action and Solidarity”) intends to destroy local producers for the sake of international concerns.

“Sandu will walk with his outstretched hand to drag international concerns into the country and destroy the local producer,” the president stressed.

According to Igor Dodon, the export of Moldovan goods to the Russian Federation will be blocked if Maya Sandu becomes president. This means that thousands of tons of fruit will remain to rot in the fields.

“We opened the eastern and western markets, which is good for Moldovan farmers. And what does Maya Sandu do? She calls Russia an aggressor, an enemy of the Republic of Moldova. This means that if Maya Sandu becomes president, exports will be blocked. How will you negotiate with those you call an aggressor, a tyrant, an enemy? – said Dodon.

In this context, the president appealed to farmers: “Dear farmers, especially in the north of the country, those who last year exported apples to Russia and they have not frozen in the fields, as in 2014, when Maya Sandu was in the government. Last year, 240 thousand tons of apples were sent to Russia. What will you do under such a president, who calls Russia an aggressor? Will the apples remain to rot in the field? The agreements will expire on January 1, 2021. What will we do with such a president?
Dodon assures that under Maya Sand, the credit money received will be spent on consumption, not on infrastructure projects.

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“We want to develop the economy, build industrial parks. I urge you to support my candidacy because Sandu’s election promises are empty and populist,” Igor Dodon concluded.
EADaily reminds us that one of the main achievements in the presidency of Igor Dodon calls the restoration of trade and economic relations with the Russian Federation. Moldovan agricultural producers and transport companies received customs preferences and the opportunity to enter Russian markets. Thus, the export of Moldovan goods to Russia in January-July 2020, compared to the same period of 2019, increased by 4.2% – to $ 137.49 million, the Russian Federation’s share in the total volume of Moldovan exports increased from 8.35 to 9.97% during this period. Following the results of January-July 2020, Russia took the 2nd place in the list of the largest partners of Moldova in terms of volumes of purchase of Moldovan products, as well as the 2nd place in terms of volumes of supply of products to Moldova.

On September 28 in the course of video communication, Russian President Vladimir Putin promised Igor Dodon that the development of relations between Moscow and Kishinev will be continued. In particular, the Russian side has formed the necessary funds in the form of humanitarian aid in the total amount of up to 500 million rubles for agricultural enterprises of Moldova.