President trump unveils war veteran support plan

President trump unveils war veteran support plan

The plan, called PREVENT, aims to stop the suicide crisis among veterans – now an average of 20 former military personnel across the country commit suicide daily

President Donald Trump presented on Wednesday a Plan for Empowering War Veterans and Ending the National Suicide Tragedy (PREVENT), which was developed by an interagency working group set up by the order of the president. The head of state presented the main provisions of the plan in the White House.

“We reaffirm our sacred promise to support and protect our wonderful veterans. We love our veterans, the president emphasized. – With honor and courage, these patriots wholeheartedly fulfilled their duty to America. And now we must fulfill our duty to them, and this is what we are doing. ”

According to Trump, his administration is devoting all resources to ending a real suicide epidemic among war veterans.

Suicide among veterans is indeed a serious problem. According to data provided by the White House, only in 2017, 6,000 military veterans committed suicide – that is, about 20 suicides per day were committed.

In order to put an end to this crisis, a plan was developed that included ten recommendations suggesting coordinated actions by federal agencies and public organizations.

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In the United States, a new public health campaign will begin, with which veterans will be able to get information about getting affordable mental health care across the country.

According to the president, the fight against this crisis “requires courageous action at all levels of society … The loss of our heroes breaks our hearts and causes mental pain.”

A year ago, Donald Trump signed a decree on the creation of a working group to develop PREVENT, whose goal was to develop a nationwide strategy to support veterans.

“Today, thanks to the leadership of Minister [Veteran Affairs Robert] Wilke, I am proud to announce that we are taking this critical initiative to a new level,” the president said, promising that a national public awareness campaign will be launched in the coming months to support veterans across the country.