Prince Harry is predicted to return to the royal family due to coronavirus
Prince Harry is predicted to return to the royal family due to coronavirus

Prince Harry is predicted to return to the royal family due to coronavirus

Experts believe that the epidemic is caused by the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, which will cause a reshuffle in the British Royal family. This publication reports the Daily Mail.

93-year-old Queen Elizabeth II, her husband, 98-year-old Prince Philip, and heir to the throne, 71-year-old Prince Charles, are in the age group for which the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 is especially dangerous. Apparently, they will wait out the outbreak of coronavirus infection in isolation and will not be able to perform their duties fully. Elizabeth and Philip had already left Buckingham Palace in London and moved to Windsor Castle and Charles and his wife Camilla have canceled its spring tour.

According to experts, the senior members of the Royal family submenu 37-year-old Prince William is the son of Charles, second in the line of succession to the British crown. The granddaughter of Queen Elizabeth II, 31-year-old Beatrice of York, which occupies the ninth place in the line of succession, predicting the inclusion in the number of state councilors of the Vice-Queen, which is delegated some of the powers of the monarch. In addition, it is possible that the Royal family will need the help of Prince Harry who planned to abandon the authority on 31 March.

“It is possible that during isolation of the Queen and Prince of Wales, Prince William, as second in line to the throne, will have to play a more active role,” said the former Royal Butler Grant Harrold (Harrold Grant). The same is the opinion of the author of a book about Princess Diana Cawthorn Nigel (Nigel Cawthorne). “He is the third person in the Royal family, and both he and his brother in good health, so COVID-19 represents a serious threat neither for himself nor for his wife or children,” he says.

Cauthorn sees only one scenario in which Prince William will not be able to replace the Queen: the pregnancy of his wife Kate Middleton. In this case, Prince Harry will be, according to him, on his knees to beg to postpone their plans to come to the UK. “I am confident that he will return and will be happy to help, — said Cauthorn. He will do anything to protect her father and grandma”January 8, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle refused the title of members of the Royal family, retaining the titles of Duke and Duchess of Sussex. They said that in the future I plan to refuse funding from the state budget and become financially independent. Harry and Meghan cease to represent the British crown on March 31. 10 Jan Markle flew to Canada. Prince Harry spent January and February on the road but managed to return to his family shortly before the closure of the Canadian border because of the pandemic. Before leaving, he persuaded his father and grandmother to take special precautions to avoid contracting the disease. According to the latest data, due to a new coronavirus infection, 10 thousand people died, 247 thousand cases of infection were detected, of which 86 thousand ended in the recovery of patients. The first representative of the European royal dynasties, infected with the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, was the grandson of the last Austrian emperor, 59-year-old Archduke Karl of Habsburg-Lorraine. On March 19, it became known that Prince Albert II of Monaco was also ill.

Coronavirus infection is transmitted through small drops that are released from the patient’s nose or mouth and settle on surrounding objects. WHO recommends staying more than a meter away from infected people, washing or disinfecting your hands regularly, and not touching your mouth, nose, and eyes.

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