Prince of Belgium at the parade “hung” in the smartphone and missed the anthem

The man corresponded with someone and made calls while on parade played the anthem of his country. Only his wife’s intervention could bring him back to reality.
Prince Laurent of Belgium during the parade in honor of the national day was carried away by his phone and ignored the anthem. It is reported by the Times on Tuesday, July 23.

After the performance of the national anthem of Belgium, a 55-year-old Prince began to correspond on the phone and then decided to make a phone call. The call ended only when his wife touched his hand.

The incident occurred on Sunday when the Belgian military participated in the celebrations on the occasion of the 188th anniversary of independence. The celebrations were attended by other representatives of the Royal family, including King Philip of Belgium.

This is not the first case in which Laurent, whose tendency to commit gaffes have earned him the nickname “the cursed Prince”, is experiencing problems due to their behavior during the parade on a national day.

In a previous couple of years, the Prince, who has the rank of a naval captain, during the parade also wrote text messages and talked on the phone.

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In 2016, photographers recorded him yawning during the parade, and in 2014, he probably slept soundly through most of the celebrations.

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