The problem of being overweight with a new implant is gone forever!

But it can also be so difficult!

Texas A&M University has developed a very effective remedy that could be a lifesaving “straw” for the overweight person. It is not a medicine but an implant that is implanted into the body. The method of action is both simple and complex. It is based on the knowledge of how the brain receives different signals. For example, when we eat, the brain receives a signal that we are full. This is generated by the vagus nerve, which is near the stomach.
Texas A&M University

Researchers from Texas suggest blocking it with a new implant. Something similar has been used before, but modern technology has made the technique more effective and efficient. The implant can be permanently installed and does not require a built-in power source. It takes energy from the radio signal and converts it into a form that is sufficient to power the LEDs. Their glow is enough to block the nerve at the right moment.
Texas A&M University-2
The peculiarity of the development is not only its miniature size but also the ability to control the work of the vagus nerve. A person, having such a chip in his body, can decide for himself when he should stick to a strict diet. The same function of food control can be entrusted to medical professionals who will “guide” the patient to his optimal weight as safely as possible for his health.

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