“Promised to get married”: American woman sued Brad Pitt.

By | October 9, 2020

A Texas resident accuses a Hollywood actor Brad Pitt of fraud.
The lawsuit was filed by American woman Kelly Christina, director of the firm recruiting medical personnel, reports Daily Mail.
In it, the woman said that Brad Pitt entered into an agreement with her under which Kristina was to transfer money to the actor for his appearance at charity events.
For attending five events, Kelly pledged to pay Pitt 40 thousand dollars each. However, a Hollywood celebrity did not show up at any of them. Neither did he return the money.

According to the American woman, they became so close in the process of communication that Brad promised to marry her. However, he soon stopped communicating.
Christina came to the conclusion that she was a victim of fraudulent actions by the actor and went to court. The woman demands a return of 100 thousand dollars.
Brad Pitt had already responded to the charges. Through his representative, he said he did not know Kelly Christina and that she was probably the victim of a man posing as a Hollywood star.