Protesters broke a water cannon of law enforcement officers in Minsk 

By | October 4, 2020

In Minsk, protesters broke a police water cannon and forced the riot policemen to pour water on them.
The incident took place at the intersection of Masherov Avenue and Zaslavskaya Street, TOP NE reports.
Dozens of activists bypassed the water cannon, removed canisters of dyeing fluid, and poured it on the road. The publication reports that an unknown man ran up to the water cannon and broke out some detail of the car’s structure.
The water cannon that was used to disperse the protesters broke down.
After that, the water cannon unexpectedly attacked its own: it let a jet of water up, turned around, headed towards the law enforcers, and doused their rows.
Today, another protest march is held in Minsk. This time, it is dedicated to the ‘release of political prisoners’.