Protests in the US: police in several cities joined the rally

Protests in the US: police in several cities joined the rally

In the US, the ongoing protests over police violence against black Americans. The campaign began after the murder of police officer George Floyd.
In the US, police in several cities are joining the protests against police violence toward black Americans. It is reported by NBC on Monday, June 1.

In particular, the police had done so in the past few days in the States of California, New York, Michigan, Oklahoma, Texas.

“Video from the New York police, kneeling on the street Sunday along with protesters, a testimony, a split occurred in the ranks of American law enforcement, which is manifested in the fact that some police have condemned the actions of their colleagues, leading to the death of Floyd, and joined the protesters,” – said the publication.

“The death of Floyd must be condemned by all law enforcement officers,” said the police chief of Houston, Texas, where I grew up killed by the police George Floyd and now lives with his family, Art Acevedo.

Last Saturday he participated in a protest march, held in the city. Acevedo publicly expressed support for those who are outraged by what happened in Minneapolis on May 25 incident.

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At the same time, in flint township, Michigan, Genesee County Sheriff Chris Swanson, when the demonstrators on Saturday approached the police station, walked towards them and removed his helmet.

“We really want to be with you now,” said Swanson.

In Santa Cruz, California, police chief Andy mills, along with mayor Justin Cummings also joined the March to “draw attention to violence against African Americans”.

Recall that earlier the number of those arrested during the protests in the United States exceeded four thousand. Protesters were arrested for looting, blocking roads, and curfew violations.

It was also reported that 16 people were killed in Chicago in three days. Within a few days, several firearms incidents occurred in the city, during which 16 people were killed.