Psaki: Biden has no regrets about his harsh words to Putin

Psaki: Biden has no regrets about his harsh words to Putin

U.S. President Joe Biden has no regrets about his words to his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin, White House press secretary Jen Psaki said. For his part, Putin suggested that Biden hold a “direct, honest conversation” online in the coming days. Psaki responded that Washington had not yet made a decision on the initiative
White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said that US leader Joe Biden has no regrets about calling Russian President Vladimir Putin a “murderer.”

The president said so in an interview with ABC News on March 17. Biden promised that the Russian leader will pay for his alleged meddling in the U.S. election in 2020.

Asked if Biden regretted that his words drew the ire of Russian officials, Psaki said, “No. The president gave a straight answer to a straight question.” She added that Biden and Putin have known each other for a long time and have experienced “many iterations of the relationship,” Fox News reported.

For his part, Putin suggested that Biden have a “direct, honest conversation” on live television in the coming days.

“When we study someone or think we are studying someone, it seems to us that we are looking at an object through a magnifying glass or through a transparent glass. When in fact – we tend to look in a mirror. So that we don’t pick on each other in absentia – we should continue our relations [with Biden],” Putin explained.
Expert: Biden will not go to a direct conversation with Putin

He reminded that the previous phone conversation between the two politicians had been initiated by the U.S. side, and this time, Putin initiated “an open direct discussion on the air, online. Without any delays.”

“It seems to me that this would be interesting for the peoples of Russia, the United States, and many other countries. We, as the largest nuclear powers, are responsible for the strategic security of the world,” the Russian leader explained.

According to Putin, he is ready for such a conversation at any convenient time for the US side. Putin will go on vacation to the taiga next weekend, so he suggested the nearest Friday – March 19 – or Monday (March 22) for the teleconference.

“We could talk about bilateral relations, and just about this strategic stability, and about the resolution of regional conflicts, there are many of them, I will not list them all.

And about the problems mankind is facing today, I mean including the fight against the pandemic,” Putin detailed.

He added that he would instruct the Foreign Ministry to coordinate a direct dialogue between the two leaders with Washington.

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However, soon in response to Putin’s suggestion, Jan Psaki, spokeswoman for the U.S. presidential administration, said that the White House had not yet made a decision on the possibility of a conversation between the two presidents in such a format.

“I would say that the [U.S.] president has already had a conversation with President Putin. And there are other world leaders with whom he has not yet interacted. And we are interacting with the Russian leadership, members of the government at all levels. But I have nothing to report in terms of future meetings,” Psaki pointed out.

In addition, she said, Biden will be busy on March 19 as he is scheduled to travel to Georgia, TOPNEWS reported.

Earlier, Russian authorities condemned Biden’s statement. Moscow does not need diplomatic relations with a country whose president allows him to insult the Russian head of state, Just Russian leader Sergei Mironov said.

“Here, it seems that Mr. Biden doesn’t care what happens to his country, what happens in relations between Russia and America. But God is his judge. And we must follow our national interests,” said the State Duma Council member.
Psaki: Biden has no regrets about his harsh words to Putin
He also did not rule out Moscow’s decisive steps toward the United States.

“The Russian Foreign Ministry did absolutely the right thing when it recalled Ambassador Anatoly Antonov to Russia for consultations. Very often such consultations are followed by a break in diplomatic relations,” Mironov warned.

Duma Foreign Affairs Committee member Anton Morozov also predicted that the Foreign Ministry will try to work out a new approach to relations with Washington, following Biden’s insulting words.

So far, the only phone conversation between Putin and Biden took place on January 26 this year. In the conversation, the Russian president congratulated his U.S. counterpart, noting that normalization of relations between Russia and the U.S. would be in the interests of both countries and the entire international community.

The politicians discussed topical issues on the bilateral and international agenda, considered the possibility of cooperation in the fight against the pandemic, as well as in other areas, including trade and economics.