“What Putin Has Done to America”: The Biden couple embarrassed themselves on live TV


Joe and Jill Biden embarrassed themselves on live TV by trying to blow up a confetti canister. The wife of the U.S. president-elect twisted it so hard she broke it completely. “What Putin has brought America to!” – journalist Yulia Vityazeva jokingly reacted to the Biden couple’s embarrassment.

On the air of Rockin Eve, President-elect Joe Biden’s wife, Jill, tried to blow up a confetti canister. But that wasn’t the case. The New Year’s Eve paraphernalia didn’t budge. Joe tried to help his wife, but it was too late: the cannon fell apart in his wife’s hands. So the Biden couple embarrassed themselves not only in America but in the whole world, instead of the fantastic end of the performance, because the video was quickly spread all over the social networks.

What has Putin driven America to! Even their firecrackers are defective!” – Journalist Yulia Vityazeva quipped on Twitter.
“Old Man Biden and his wife, Jill, have botched another case. This time the sweet couple failed to celebrate New Year’s Eve as intended and couldn’t handle the clapper – no clap, no fire, no rumble,” commented Biden’s embarrassment @Lev_Nik_Myshkin.

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“Grandpa is playing with fate: either he broke his leg or the clapper is defective. He’s as lucky as a drowned man. When are they having their inauguration? I don’t want it to coincide with a funeral,” @bazillio4 reacted to the video.

“The firecrackers in America are just like their democracy, as is the electoral system,” commented @larchendim.

There were those who pointed out where Jill Biden accidentally pointed the clapper. Had it worked properly, Joe Biden could have had one more injury.

“But if the clapper had gone off, it would have hit right in Grandpa’s face…” – writes @olechka_olunya.