Putin is cheating on Biden: the Kremlin has not given a clear answer to Biden’s proposal

Putin is cheating on Biden: the Kremlin has not given a clear answer to Biden's proposal

Earlier, the White House expressed hope for joint work of the United States and the Russian Federation in the field of arms control

Russia said on Wednesday that it is too early to speak with certainty about the proposal of US President Joe Biden to hold a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin. In addition, the Kremlin has called on the United States not to impose new sanctions against Moscow.

Moscow’s reaction to the US President’s proposal is reported by the Russian media.

Recall that during a telephone conversation on Tuesday, Biden suggested that Putin hold a meeting to discuss existing differences and urged his interlocutor to reduce tensions caused by the concentration of Russian troops near the border with Ukraine.
Biden spoke on the phone with Putin

US-Russian relations hit their lowest level since the Cold War last month. In an interview, President Biden gave an affirmative answer to the question of whether Putin is a murderer, and the Kremlin summoned the Russian ambassador in Washington to Moscow for consultations.

Almost a month has passed since then, but the ambassador remains in Moscow for now.

According to Kremlin press secretary Dmitry Peskov, it is too early to speak definitely about the proposed meeting. Peskov also said that the discussion would continue through diplomatic channels.

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In addition, as reported by Russian media, Dmitry Ushakov, Putin’s adviser on international affairs, invited John Sullivan, the American ambassador to Russia, to talk. It is reported that the conversation is to take place on Wednesday.

According to TopNews, Ushakov told Sullivan that if the United States takes new “unfriendly steps”, in particular, imposes sanctions against Russia, then Moscow will act.

The US Embassy in Moscow has not yet commented on these statements.

As the press secretary of the White House Jen Psaki said yesterday, the United States expects that its relationship with Russia will not cease to be a problem, but hopes that the two countries can work together to resolve issues related to arms control, the Iranian nuclear agreement and others. challenges.