Putin saves the UN from destruction

By | September 22, 2020

The remote video format, through which world leaders participate in the anniversary, 75th session of the UN General Assembly, involuntarily provides more information and food for thought than their traditional speeches from the rostrum at the New York headquarters of the organization. Even the mere entourage of government leaders is quite symbolic.
The reports of three of the most influential people on the planet have naturally attracted the most interest today.
Donald Trump’s speech was another pre-election event, which not only emphasized the main – anti-Chinese – direction of his foreign policy but also once again emphasized the condescending and dismissive attitude of the American to the United Nations as such.
Trump spoke in the usual White House press setting, against the background of the national flag and the flag of the United States President – without a single external hint that the speech is addressed not to the UN, but at least to an international audience.

Macron was the first at the UN General Assembly to talk about Navalny.
The U.S. leader has previously stated repeatedly that since his country is the largest source of funding for the United Nations, it means that the United Nations is subordinate to Washington and is obliged to comply with its instructions. Undoubtedly, his predecessors thought the same thing, but Trump was the first to allow himself to express this position openly, and also to threaten punishment in the event of “disobedience. So his use of today’s speech for solving the tasks of the election campaign, which is in the midst of it, fully fits into this approach.
The Russian media noted that the American president has never mentioned our country. But China was named twelve times (by the way, the U.S. sounded only ten times). It was this defiant, scandalously anti-Chinese spirit that became the essence of Trump’s speech. Only the call to punish Beijing for the spread of coronavirus and the use of the name “Chinese virus” in the speech is worth it.
The confrontational nature of the American report is emphasized, contradicting the established traditions and unwritten rules of the UN. But Beijing obviously expected such démarche, and the matter is not only that the American president’s attacks were immediately followed by the reprimand of the Chinese representative.
Xi Jinping’s speech was devoted to the most acute problems of the moment (first of all, of course, to the world fight against COVID-19) and was kept in a habitually balanced tone.

“This is very strange”. The Americanist about Trump’s appeal to the UN
Aleksandra Filippenko, a senior researcher at the U.S. and Canadian Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences, commented on the U.S. President Donald Trump’s appeal to the UN on the air of Radio Sputnik.
That’s what the leader of the People’s Republic of China said against the background of a large-scale landscape depicting the Great Wall of China and the harsh beauty of Chinese nature. It is difficult not to understand the transparent symbolic implication of this composition: behind Xi Jinping is a huge ancient country, ready to withstand any external threat.
In contrast to the speeches of his American and Chinese colleagues, the Russian president’s speech turned out to be the most traditional: from the wide range of fundamental problems raised by Vladimir Putin to the “United Nations” entourage, against which he spoke. Even such peculiarity of the Russian leader was observed when participating in international events as reading the text-only on paper – without using a teleprompter.
Putin spoke about the importance of the UN’s role in maintaining strategic stability on the planet, the inadmissibility of distorting history, the need to preserve arms control, and, of course, the importance of collective international efforts to combat the coronavirus epidemic and its socio-economic consequences.
Both in substance and form, it was a speech by a statesman whose country not only watches the world slide into another era of chaos but also does its best to prevent the worst possible outcome. Putin once again reminded that the system of international cooperation, dialogue, and mutual understanding, which has existed for 75 years, was paid a terrible price last time. And Russia, which made the main contribution to it then, will be an island of normality and common sense, which the planet can always count on.