Putin showed that Russia is a superpower

Western media and the blogosphere reacted differently to the May 9 celebrations in Russia. Struck by the scale of the victory Parade, American and European observers believe that the Kremlin uses it to demonstrate the power of Russia and as a means of propaganda

The Canadian newspaper National Post recalls that the parade of 2018 was attended by 13 thousand soldiers, 132 units of military equipment and 74 aircraft. This year on the red square, the number of participants and combat equipment was about the same, with the exception of the canceled flights of the air force.

“Critics say that the parade in recent years has been used by Russian leader Vladimir Putin as an extravagant propaganda lesson — it is a chance for him to show the world the latest achievements of the Russian military-industrial complex,” NP writes. Business publication Bloomberg stopped at a fragment of Putin’s speech, in which he warned the world against new wars. The Russian President called for collective resistance to Nazism and shared responsibility for world security. The Russian President’s fears are justified.

This is the first parade since Donald Trump came out of the INF TREATY, taking a step that forced Moscow to develop new weapons systems, Bloomberg notes. The newspaper expressed concern that the US refuses to extend the start III Treaty and is on the verge of conflict with Iran.

Bloomberg called May 9 “a source of pride” for the citizens of Russia:

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Nevertheless, this day is a source of pride for many ordinary Russians who celebrate what is known as the Great Patriotic War, honoring the memory of family members, millions of Soviet citizens who died during the defeat of Nazi Germany.

“Russia is a superpower»

Other leading American Newspapers — The New York Times and The Washington Post — were wary of Putin’s statement that Russia would strengthen its army. Ritan tabloid Sunday Express drew attention to the scale of the demonstration of military equipment on the red square but decided to recall the combat potential of Russia as a whole.

Russia has four thousand aircraft, 889 of which are fighters, 1485 helicopters, 21.9 thousand tanks, 352 ships, including one aircraft carrier, 4350 nuclear warheads, and a 3-million army.

Vladimir Putin today during a mass military parade on red square in Moscow will demonstrate fearsome firepower to emphasize Russia’s status as a superpower,

writes the Sunday Express.

Blogosphere: When will the trump parade?

Discussion of the may 9 celebrations were held not only on major media resources but also in the blogosphere.

So, the user from San Francisco is afraid of the militarization of Eurasia: “North Korea launches missiles, Russia holds a military parade, Iran enriches uranium. John F. Kennedy! Are we back in 1969?”The other user decided the patrolled American President.

“Hey, when will trump’s military parade be?”— wrote SavinHillGuy.

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CNN reporter saw in the crowd of honored guests on the red square of the former actor Steven Seagal and filmed the moment when he with the St. George ribbon posing for a Cameroonian Russian military parade?

Former State Department official Paul Goble wrote a critical post about whether Russia needs a military parade.

He believes that Russian citizens are tired of celebrating victory Day and the Second world war as a “center of attention”. Goble writes that Vladimir Putin, as well as Soviet leaders, turned militarism into an object of admiration.”One of the memes that he (Putin — approx. ed.) and his regime used this year, in particular, is the claim that “we can repeat it” that the Russians can fight and win another war. This (reception) can work on some Russians, but not works on veterans or those who know, that such war. Their number is decreasing. However, it is clear to them that they reject this slogan»,

— writes ex-diplomat. Goble finds it inappropriate to spend eight million dollars on a military parade, while veterans, whose number is getting smaller and smaller every year, receive only 160 dollars.

Thus, each of the Western journalists and bloggers saw something different in the May 9 celebration. Some consider it the pride of Russian citizens, others — propaganda, and others — unjustified budget spending.