Rare crocodile-like fish found in U.S.

A dead Mississippi shell was found in a Pennsylvania pond. He couldn’t survive in too cold water.

A dead Mississippi shell was found in a pond in the American village of Rando Township, Pennsylvania. This was announced by the village police on Facebook on March 5.

According to local authorities, crocodile-like fish native to the Gulf of Mexico could not survive in too cold water. It is not known how it got into the pond.

They decided to preserve the rare find and use it for educational purposes.

“Looking for a place to move your rare pet? Our parks are not the best option, but call us, and we will try to help you! According to experts, its length can reach three meters at a weight of more than 130 kilograms.

This type of fish is common in North and Central America. It is found mainly in freshwater, some individuals go into salty or marine. Often warm at the surface in calm water and breathe atmospheric air.
Earlier, residents of Wales found on the banks of the river a mysterious fish, which turned out to be a Mississippi shell.

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The Royal Society for the Protection of Animals said that keeping this species of fish in captivity is prohibited and the shell was probably thrown away, unable to cope with the care.

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