Raspy voice is a harbinger of a deadly disease

Raspy voice is a harbinger of a deadly disease

Changes in the voice can indicate lung cancer, the Express writes, citing data from the International Lung Cancer Foundation.
According to specialists, if a patient has unexplained hoarseness or weakening of the voice, it may be a sign of cancer.
Phylogenetic trees beginning with an individual cancer cell. Color denotes an organ or place in the body – multicolored circles correspond to highly metastatic phenotypes

The hoarseness of the voice can be caused by a lung cancer tumor pressing on the laryngeal nerve, which is located in the chest. This causes the nerve to become paralyzed or weakened and sometimes leads to paralysis of the vocal cord.
Lung cancer is a malignant neoplasm of the lung, originating from the epithelial tissue of the bronchi of varying caliber. Depending on where it appears, it is divided into central, peripheral, and massive (mixed).
The main causes of cancer include carcinogens, ionizing radiation, and viral infection. Their exposure causes cumulative DNA changes in the lung bronchial lining tissue (bronchial epithelium). The more tissue is damaged, the higher the risk of developing cancer.

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Earlier it became known that the formation of blood clots can signal the presence of cancer.
If a blood clot occurs, the patient should undergo a complete examination, so that doctors can determine the cause of its appearance as accurately as possible, as well as to exclude other dangerous diseases.