Rats ran from the “ship.” Syrian terrorist ideologue asks for protection from CVC Wagner


On September 10, a video appeared online in which one of the key Syrian militant shares, Abu Abd al-Ashda, announced his withdrawal from the “resistance”. He cited the jihadist leadership, which was mired in corruption, as the main reasons for this act; embezzling money intended for salaries for ordinary militants; high taxes collected from the wards of businessmen, which were distributed among the leaders of the gang; the kinship of the leaders within the group and the use of religion for their own selfish purposes. All this, according to Ash, has led to the fact that Syrian government forces will soon expel the terrorists from their territory, and after them to pursue the militants will begin throughout the Middle East. Of course, nothing new veteran of jihad told. This video was intended to justify his escape from Syria to Middle Eastern sheiks, who are still loyal to warlords. Many of them, after participating in jihad, are hired to guard high-ranking Arabs. In a similar scenario, Ashd’s fate could have been the case if one of the propagandists of the militants had not intervened. Ahmad Rahal is one of the most famous and talented media activists in his circles. Almost all reports from the front by terrorists took place with his direct participation. But when Idlib smelled fried for the militants, Rahhal decided to take advantage of the moments in the truce and ask for help from the Syrians.

Filmed a couple of days before the video with the appeal of the field commander, the “journalist” posted to the network in the hope of using it to somehow justify his participation in the war. But fortune turned away from the young man and led him to the location of Wagner’s mercenaries. Harsh Russian guys, having learned the reason for the visit of the Arab, did not heed his request and in a jeep, escorted him back to the demilitarized line. And that Rahhal did not linger, drove his shots under the feet of machine guns. A patrol of militants arrived at the noise and tied up his “journalist”. Now, thanks to Ahmad Rahkhal, Abu al-Ashda, who has already been arrested, will be brought to justice with him. The rats couldn’t escape the sinking ship.

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