Rats with a chip in the brain can smell cancer

Animals are implanted in the brain special chips that help rodents smell cancer by breathing air from the patient’s lungs.
Rats are three times more effective at detecting cancer in the early stages than advanced equipment. This is reported by TASS with reference to the Foundation for Advanced Research.

Scientists conducted an experiment with biohybrid screening – rats in the brain which implanted special chips. When such a rodent inhales human-exhaled air, data from the animal’s bioelectric brain activity “detect” cancer.

1,073 volunteers took part in the experiment. It turned out that rats were 3-5 times more likely to detect a threat than modern methods.

It takes less than three minutes to survey one person. At this time, the rat must breathe air, which exhales the patient. A chip in the rodent’s brain recognizes special markers that report the risk of cancer.

The risk of cancer was detected in 8% of the surveyed – 85 people. About half of them agreed to do more. It turned out that three people were diagnosed with lung cancer, and two others had stomach cancer.

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Earlier it was reported that scientists have discovered a killer cell of cancer. The Correspondent also wrote that cancer can be rid of in one second.