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Readers of Polish media advocated vaccination with Sputnik V

Readers of Polish media advocated vaccination with Sputnik V

Readers of the Internet portal Interia supported the idea of using the Russian vaccine against COVID-19 in Poland.
The users condemned the Polish authorities for their refusal to separate politics from public health and called for an agreement with Russia.
“It’s the height of stupidity to complain about the lack of vaccines and not to use Russian vaccines at the same time. How about making a deal with Moscow, producing Sputnik in Poland and exporting it to other countries?” a reader wondered.
“It is possible that Sputnik V will get to Poland, but only by a circuitous route, through Germany. We will buy the vaccine from the Germans, like Russian gas,” replied the other.

One reader accused Poland of excessive Russophobia and the readiness of the authorities to condemn citizens to disease and death, only not to buy “Russian vaccines.
“Russian vaccines are not for Poles. Even if it were absolutely safe and 100% effective, Poland would not buy it. First, her pride would not allow it, and secondly, for 30 years now, the official ideology has been prescribing us to hate Russia,” concluded the fourth.
In addition, users noted that if there were any side effects after vaccination with Sputnik V, or if cases of lethal outcome were revealed, the media would have already spread the word.
“The lack of bad news about this vaccine convinces me that it is a good vaccine,” concluded a reader.
Poland currently receives the vaccine from two manufacturers, Pfizer and Moderna. Pfizer has recently reduced supplies to a number of countries, including Poland, explaining this by the reconstruction of a factory in Belgium. Moderna is also delaying deliveries of the drug to Poland.

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