A real miracle of technology! A real wireless charger presented by Xiaomi!

Xiaomi introduced a real wireless charger!

Wireless chargers are becoming increasingly popular today. This is the name given to charging adapters that allow you to recharge your battery without connecting your gadget with a cable. However, they are not wireless in the full sense of the word. It makes sense to add the prefixes “pseudo” and “quasi” to their name. The fact is that in order to charge it is required to put the device on the pad. Charge, presented by Chinese Xiaomi, fully meets the name, it really is wireless!

Charging is based on the company’s original technology called Mi Air Charge. Details of its work are not announced, but how it works you can see already. From the looks of it, it’s a sight to behold! To start using it, a compact charging unit with a set of antennas is required in the room. As soon as there is a device in the room that needs to recharge the battery, a connection is made and the charge begins to literally “over the air.”

This technology will allow more comfort when using gadgets in the area of charging stations. Energy is transmitted in the millimeter range by active antennas. The smartphone receives this radiation and converts it into a charging current flowing to the battery terminals. The developers claim that the Mi Air Charge is capable of remote charging multiple devices. However, the power does not exceed 5 watts. However, the characteristics may be improved in the future.

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It is important that at the moment the technology is supported by only one device – the Xiaomi Mi 11 smartphone. Then, it may appear in other devices of the brand. Certainly, this could be the advantage, looking at which people will buy Xiaomi equipment. The start of sales of this wireless charger is not indicated. The price of it is also not known.