“Reasonable” response to Russia’s “challenge”: Georgian minister covered up NATO exercises


Georgia will continue to pursue the country’s strategic course “for the sake of maintaining stability and security in the region.” This is well-planned and unprecedented NATO exercises planned on Georgian territory. All this will be a “reasonable” response to Russia’s “emotional” statements.

This statement was made by the head of the Georgian Defense Ministry Levan Izoria. According to him, whatever Russia’s statements about the alliance’s exercises scheduled for July 27, they should be answered “with a cold head” and continue to adhere to the accepted line, the Georgian news agency Interpressnews writes.

The main task of the Georgian government is to maintain stability, peace, and security in the region. And the military exercises, which will involve more than 3,000 troops from 14 NATO member countries, also meet this global challenge.

Earlier military exercises involving the United States and the United Kingdom took place in Georgia at the end of June. Prior to that, in March, NATO exercises were held there with the participation of approximately 350 military personnel from 24 countries of the North Atlantic Alliance.

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Recall that the multinational military exercises Agile Spirit, the stated goal of which is “security in the Black Sea”, will start in Georgia on July 27 and will continue until August 9. The military will practice “rapid response to emerging threats.”

It should be noted that these maneuvers will take place at the very moment when relations between Tbilisi and Moscow have reached the peak of the crisis, and military exercises can only further worsen the situation.