Reports of the death of Kim Jong-un called “almost one hundred percent accurate”

Rumors abound in the world about the reasons for Kim Jong UN's disappearance

The information that North Korean leader Kim Jong-un is dead is almost a hundred percent accurate. This was stated by South Korean Agency Yonhap Chi defector Seon-Ho (Ji Seong-ho), who escaped from North Korea in 2006 and now works in the legislature of South Korea.
“It’s not 100 percent accurate, but I can say that the probability is 99 percent. North Korea [not to announce the death of a leader officially, because faced with a difficult problem of succession”, he said.

Chi sun Ho said that for a long time wondered how much more Kim Jong-UN will stretch after heart surgery, but soon he was informed about the death of the policy.
“Kim died last weekend,” he said.
The spokesman did not disclose the source of information. Speaking about who can be the successor, Kim Jong-UN, he noted that, like many others, considers the possible candidacy of sister UN — Kim Yu-Jeong.

Trump made a statement about the state of Kim Jong-UN
Kim Jong-un has not appeared in public since April 11. On 15 April he missed the birthday celebration of his grandfather, the founder Kim Il-sung. Because of his absence, he began to appear rumors about his possible death or disease. A former North Korean Ambassador to London Tae Yong Ho, who escaped to South Korea in 2016, said that North Korean leader cannot stand up or walk normally. There was information that he allegedly is in a “vegetative state”. In Russia, the rumors of the death of Kim Jong-un denied. In the United States called the loss of Kim Jong-UN unusual and prepared for anything.

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