Republicans called on Democrats to reject impeachment of Trump

Republicans called on Democrats to reject impeachment of Trump

Republicans in the House of Representatives have urged Democrats to drop the idea of impeaching President Donald Trump.
“Just a week before the end of his term, the Democratic majority is asking us to consider a resolution to impeach President Trump. They’re doing this knowing full well that even if the House votes in favor, the Senate can’t begin considering these charges until after President Trump’s term is over,” Congressman Tom Cole said at the hearing.
He said it would further divide the public. Cole accused Democrats of preventing the House from reviewing all the facts and interviewing witnesses.
“Some members of the House have suggested an alternative procedure, an expression of condemnation to the president, which could get a lot of support in the lower chamber. I don’t think impeachment is a sensible way to go. I urge my friends in the Democratic majority to reconsider it while there is time for another way,” Cole added.
Mitch McConnell

Democratic Congressman Jim McGovern countered by saying that the Senate could consider impeachment immediately if Republican Majority Leader Mitch McConnell moves. He had previously expressed no desire to convene the Senate before January 19, when its members come out of recess.

Earlier, the U.S. House of Representatives began to consider the question of the impeachment of the current President Donald Trump. The article on “sedition” was brought before the congressmen. The document calls for the impeachment of the president and a ban on him from holding any elective office in the future. Trump is also accused of committing “particularly serious crimes and misdemeanors.” The resolution could be voted on the same day: the Democrat-controlled House of Congress is expected to pass it.
After that, the case will go to the Senate, which, however, comes out of recess only one day before the inauguration of the new President Joe Biden, so a full-fledged process before the expiration of Trump’s term of office will not be possible. In addition, experts predict that impeachment is unlikely to win two-thirds support in the upper house.

In light of this, the likelihood of impeachment after Trump leaves office is already being discussed. There is no consensus on this, and Democrats in Congress have not yet made their position clear. For them, such an outcome would mean the possibility of banning Trump from holding elected office, which would close his path to participation in the elections in 2024.
The day before, the House of Representatives passed a resolution asking Vice-President Mike Pence to invoke the 25th amendment to the Constitution, which would give him the presidency. This would be possible if Pence and more than half of the Cabinet agreed to acknowledge that Trump is unable to fulfill his duties. The vice president, however, refused to do so.
On January 6, at a rally in Washington, Trump urged supporters to march to the Capitol to “help weak Republicans” challenge the outcome of the presidential election. The crowd stormed the building and interrupted a joint session of Congress, where Democrat Joe Biden’s victory was being asserted. Five people were killed as a result.

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