Republicans from Michigan meet with President Trump

Republicans from Michigan meet with President Trump

They said that they would follow “normal” procedures in determining the winner of the presidential election

Michigan Republicans who met with President Donald Trump at the White House said they had no information that could change the outcome of the state presidential election and that they would follow “normal” electoral procedures.

Michigan is one of the contested states where Trump’s attorneys filed lawsuits to challenge Joe Biden’s victory. Mike Shirkey, Michigan State Senate Republican Majority Leader, said: “We don’t know information that could change the results of the Michigan elections.

Shirki and State House Speaker Lee Chatfield also warned that all suspicions of election fraud would be thoroughly investigated.

According to Reuters sources, after a series of judicial defeats, the Trump team expects to convince legislators in the states controlled by Republicans to declare Trump the winner of the election.

Shirki and Chatfield said they called on President Trump to provide more financial assistance to Michigan to combat the COVID-19 epidemic.

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