Researchers have learned to make brain tissue resistant to destruction.

By | June 21, 2020
Researchers have learned to make brain tissue resistant to destruction.

Science knows a lot of force application vectors. One of the most interesting areas is the study of man himself. Scientists have devoted a lot of time to work, but by their own admission, they stand only at the very foot of the summit of knowledge that remains to be obtained. Of greatest importance is the study of the brain and the processes taking place in it.

Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have found a way to make any tissue virtually indestructible. It makes fabrics extremely flexible, turning them into a subtle substance that can be stretched. This is achieved by introducing into the tissue a substance polyacrylamide, known in cosmetology as a substance with good binding properties. After its application, the fabric can be stretched up to two times and squeezed 10 without risk of damage and its structure.

Using novation, scientists can successfully label cells with fluorescence to observe and track their condition. Applying the proposed technology in their work on the study of man, people of science can significantly accelerate the emergence of new important discoveries. The work of scientists deserves the highest praise. It was described in one of the latest issues of Nature Methods. The main goal of scientists is to create a complete and detailed map of the human brain. The new technology that allows you to mark areas of the brain while maintaining its structure allows you to do this.

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