Residents of Wuhan attack the military in an attempt to escape from the quarantine zone

Residents of Wuhan attack the military in an attempt to escape from the quarantine zone

Mass riots engulfed coronavirus-stricken cities and parts of China. On the border of the closed city of Wuhan, clashes between local residents and the military in a sanitary cordon began. People try to break through the border of the city and attack the soldiers in a cordon.

The chaos began on January 22, when the Chinese government announced the closure of Wuhan for quarantine. Presumably, 5 million people managed to leave and leave the city before its complete cordon. Now Wuhan is completely isolated, residents of 12 other cities in China are not able to move freely. After the introduction of quarantine, residents of Wuhan, a hotbed of coronavirus epidemic, rushed to buy food, medicine, and basic necessities. The city has been gripped by mass panic, infected with the virus and there have been several mass conflicts in hospitals. The United States, Britain, Australia, and Japan are sending charter planes to spat their citizens out of the infected areas that only further fuelthethechinese hysteria. People are seriously concerned that they will be left to die in a cordoned-off city. While still healthy residents of the city of Wuhan are forced to stay in the same area as the infected. And since the incubation asymptomatic period of coronavirus is still unknown, the disease has the potential to spread to the entire city.

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Protests have engulfed cities still free of the virus. The Chinese are outraged that such a huge number of Wuhan residents were able to escape from quarantine and now endanger the lives of healthy fellow citizens.

WHO opposed the introduction of quarantine because the official number of infected was still too small. But despite THE WHO’s recommendations, Xi Jinping still placed all of the city’s medical facilities under military control and ordered Wuhan to be cordoned off by a sanitary convoy. Such a decision only supports the opinion of the Chinese that their government is hiding from the world the real scale of the epidemic.