Riots erupted again in cities in the Netherlands, media reported | TOP-NEWS
Riots erupted again in cities in the Netherlands, media reported

Riots erupted again in cities in the Netherlands, media reported

Riots erupted again in several cities in the Netherlands in connection with the curfew imposed in the country, at least 70 people were detained, according to local newspaper Dutch News.
Mass protests in connection with the introduction of a curfew have already been held in the Netherlands on Saturday and Sunday. Earlier it became known that the number of detained in connection with participation in the riots at the Sunday demonstration was from 250 to 300 people.
According to the newspaper, police chief, Willem Wolders told the Dutch broadcaster NOS that at least 70 people had already been detained by 10 p.m. local time. “Everything was relatively calm until 7:30 p.m., but then all hell broke loose,” Wilders said.

It is noted that law enforcers used tear gas to disperse protesters in Haarlem and Rotterdam. In addition, riots occurred in Amersfoort, where pyrotechnics flew at the police, as well as in Hertogenbos where a group of 150 young people gathered in defiance of the curfew and a local supermarket was looted.
Young people also ran around the center of Zwolle, as shown on local television. In the town of Helmond it also came down to clashes with the police, and in the province of Zeeland, six people were detained after calls for riots on social media.

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There is a curfew in the Netherlands from January 22 from 21.00 to 04.30. You can not be on the streets without good reason. Violators face a fine of €95.
Earlier in the Netherlands, imposed on December 15, almost a complete lockdown has been extended until February 9. All stores in the country were closed, except those selling food and basic necessities. Also, closed were restaurants and cafes, museums and theaters, amusement parks and zoos, casinos and saunas, swimming pools, facilities for sports, catering points, hair salons, beauty salons, and tattoo parlors. Since December 16, all educational institutions, including schools and universities, switched to a remote mode of operation.

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