Robbers raid prestigious Paris hotel George V

Robbers raid prestigious Paris hotel George V

The robbers raided the prestigious Parisian hotel George V, which was repeatedly recognized by various publications as “the best in the world.” Reported by Le Figaro.

Two armed men broke into a building located in the Champs Elysees area, smashed shop windows and took out jewelry of famous brands worth 100 thousand euros. It is noted that no one was hurt during the robbery.

Earlier it was reported that the French millionaire and former politician, a well-known supporter of the influx of migrants to the country, Bernard Tapi, was the victim of criminals of African descent: migrants or descendants of migrants entered his house, beat him and his wife and committed a robbery. Tapi, 78, and his elderly wife were tied up and beaten, demanding to tell them where their savings and valuables were hidden in the house.

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