Robert De Niro Urges His ‘SNL’ Alter Ego Robert Mueller To Say More On Mueller Report And Russian Election Meddling

In an op-ed just published by The New York Times, Robert De Niro has urged Robert Mueller III to go beyond the limited public remarks that he made after generating a 400-page report on alleged election tampering by the Russians. De Niro has played Mueller on numerous skits of Saturday Night Live, some of which have been very critical about possible complicity between President Trump and his advisors, and the Russians. The president has denied the allegations right along and said the report clears him. Because of that, De Niro writes, it is not enough for Mueller to say that the report speaks for itself.

Of his appearances as Mueller, De Niro writes, “There’s a level of satire, directed at the current administration. To be fair, not everyone appreciates the humor. The president has tweeted that there’s “nothing funny about tired ‘Saturday Night Live’” and that it’s “very unfair and should be looked into,” even “tested in courts,” and “this is the real collusion!” Though what or with whom the show would be colluding is unclear. But then I don’t have to tell you about problems with the term “collusion.” You barely mention the word in your report, and then only to explain why you’re not using it. That could be a punch line on “Saturday Night Live.”

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