Ronaldo’s discarded captain’s armband will be sold for millions of euros

Ronaldo's discarded captain's armband will be sold for millions of euros

The armband discarded by Portugal striker Cristiano Ronaldo will be sold for millions of euros. These are the data on the website of the charity auction where it was exhibited.

The last published rate was the amount of 10 million 886 thousand euros. Together for Life is selling a fundraising dressing for the treatment of a six-month-old Serbian boy with spinal muscular atrophy (SMA). The captain’s armband was picked up after the match and handed over to Together for Life by a staff member of the stadium in Belgrade. The game with Serbia on Saturday, March 27, was a controversial episode during the added time. Ronaldo shot past the goalkeeper, and the ball reached the goal line. The Serb defender carried it out, and the judges did not count the goal. The Portuguese disagreed with the referees’ decision, and Ronaldo threw the captain’s armband onto the lawn in protest and left the field without waiting for the final whistle.

After that, the footballer said that he considers captaincy in the national team one of the greatest privileges in his life and is very proud of it. He also added that there are difficult times when an entire nation suffers.

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