Ruptly freelance journalist shot in Yemen

By | June 4, 2020
Ruptly freelance journalist shot in Yemen

A man was killed by unknown people near his house. He occasionally shot stories for Ruptly and also collaborated with other agencies.
In Sana’a, the capital of Yemen, Ruptly video agency stringer Nabil Hassan al-Qaiti was killed. This was reported by RT in Telegram on Thursday, June 4.

Ruptly freelance journalist was killed near his home.

“He sometimes shot stories for Ruptly, also worked for other agencies. Nabil had three children and a pregnant wife,” they add to RT.

Recall that earlier in Kabul, journalists were blown up by a mine. The victims of the explosion were the journalist and drivers of the Khurshid TV channel. Four more people were injured.

It was also reported that in the Kiev region a journalist was thrown a bottle of gasoline in the window of a house. According to the journalist, they also called him and said “stop doing what you are doing, so next time it will be” incendiary “.

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