Russia accuses U.S. of using climate weapons against Russia | TOP-NEWS
Russia accuses U.S. of using climate weapons against Russia

Russia accuses U.S. of using climate weapons against Russia

State Duma accuses the U.S. of using climate weapons against Russia
Mp found an explanation for the abnormal winter
State Duma deputy Aleksey Shhuravlev said that the blame for the abnormally warm winter in Russia lies with the United States. According to the people’s choice, the United States secretly tested climate weapons in defiance of international prohibitions.
This winter, according to forecasters, was the warmest in the history of weather observations. It is expected that on January 16 a new temperature record will be set – five degrees of heat. Experts explain the anomaly by the fact that almost the entire territory of Russia is under the influence of a vast Atlantic cyclone. However, according to Shchuralev, climate change is not accidental: they were provoked not by the quirks of nature, but by the Americans.

“First, we know, they (USA – Ed.) This is what climate weapons were tested in Vietnam,” the MP said on “Speaking Moscow.”

According to him, the Americans conduct tests secretly under the guise of research, so that no one accuses them of violating international rules. At the same time, the effect of the use of climate weapons by virtue of its specificity affects the whole world, but Russia will suffer from it more than others, he added.

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He also warned of the catastrophic consequences of such tests – to the melting of glaciers.

“If it’s permafrost, it’s ed. Now it will be a disaster, it is a big problem,” the MP concluded.

It is worth noting that according to forecasters, many regions of Russia this year will not wait for the arrival of a frosty winter. In addition, Russians are waiting for a warm early spring. The climatic spring season will come at the end of March.

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