Russia adviser quits from Trump

Tom Morrison has been a Russia adviser for several months. He is now due to appear at a congressional hearing over the investigation into the president’s impeachment.
Tom Morrison, the US President’s senior adviser on Russia from the National Security Council, is set to leave the office. This was announced on Wednesday, October 30, The Hill reported, citing a high-ranking official from the administration.

“Tim Morrison, a high-ranking Russia official on President Trump’s National Security Council, is expected to leave his post soon,” the statement said.

Morrison has been a Russia adviser for several months – in August he succeeded Fiona Hill.

Morrison, known as the “hawk” of Trump’s defense, is due to appear before the House committees investigating the president’s impeachment.

Andrew Peake, who now serves as Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Iraq and Iran at the Bureau of Middle East Affairs, is expected to be replaced.

Morrison was reportedly involved in the impeachment investigation as an official who strongly supported the need for an investigation into Biden in Ukraine.

Last week, Trump’s trade adviser resigned.

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And last month, Trump fired his national security aide, John Bolton.