Russia and India to create hypersonic cruise missile BrahMos

By | August 26, 2020
Russia and India to create hypersonic cruise missile BrahMos

BrahMos hypersonic cruise missile will be created until 2028, said Alexander Maksichev, co-director of the Russian-Indian joint venture Bramos.
“Today, the issue of creating a hypersonic BrahMos rocket is divided into two stages: the first – the creation of a rocket by 2024/25 at a speed of 4-5 Makhov, the second – the creation of missiles until 2026/27 at a speed of 6-7 Machov,” he said.
The portfolio of orders of the joint Russian-Indian company Bramos for the production of missiles, despite the pandemic, increased by a billion dollars in six months, co-director of the joint venture Alexander Maksichev told RIA Novosti on Wednesday.
Meanwhile, in February this year, the portfolio was $4.5 billion.
“The portfolio of orders of the Russian-Indian company Bramos has increased by a billion dollars since the beginning of the year,” Maksichev said.
According to him, the largest percentage – 40 – falls on orders of ground troops, 30 are in the Air Force, and Navy with coastal troops. The first export contract for the supply of missiles to the third country is still planned to conclude before the end of this year, Maksichev added.
“Because of the pandemic, we continue to wait for the opening of borders. As soon as this is done, the contract will be signed immediately,” the source said, refusing to name the buyer country.
The joint Russian-Indian enterprise Bramos (NGO of Mechanical Engineering and The Organization of Defense Research and Development of India), established in 1998, specializes in the creation of supersonic missiles of various bases: ship, underwater, coastal and air.

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