The spring intensification of the Russian-American dialogue took place to a decisive extent on the initiative of Washington And the April visit to Moscow of trump’s adviser Fiona hill, and the close may contact of the presidents and Foreign Ministers of the two countries indicate the US interest in restoring full-fledged bilateral relations.

A remarkable detail — Secretary of state Mike Pompeo was so eager to hold talks in the most non-conflict situation that before his visit to Russia from the state Department’s website was unexpectedly removed the Agency’s comment about the alleged “daring attempt” of Moscow “to undermine the sovereignty” of the youngest member of NATO — Montenegro. Such nuances once again confirmed the mood of the Americans for a detailed and substantive discussion with the Russians.

For Sergey Lavrov, who this year celebrated his 15th anniversary as head of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Mike Pompeo is the sixth us Secretary of state to deal with. Anticipating the meeting with his next American colleague, the Foreign Minister made it clear that he had no illusions about the practical productivity of the new round of consultations.

Mike Pompeo was received by the Russian President as the final point of the program of his visit to Russia. The meeting took place late in the evening, as Vladimir Putin took part in other events during the day. Among other things, the parties touched upon the future of the start-3 ending in 2021 and other issues within the framework of the “disarmament and non-proliferation dossier”.

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As a result, both the Russian and American sides agreed on the need to continue the strategic dialogue on security. Since the preservation of global stability and the regime of non-proliferation of WMD is the subject of mutual responsibility of the two nuclear superpowers to the whole world. In addition, Pompeo has repeatedly stressed that Russia and the United States do not necessarily have to be opponents on other issues on the international agenda. Despite the continuing disagreements over Venezuela and Iran, the parties demonstrated relatively positive dynamics of cooperation on Syria, Afghanistan and the DPRK.

After the investigation of the Commission of special Prosecutor Muller, which officially confirmed the absence of “collusion” of Russia with representatives of the trump administration during the election campaign and elections in 2016, the road to the long-awaited improvement of the climate between the countries was opened. The main question is how ready the US is to move towards Russia?

Mike Pompeo assured the Russian side that President trump remains committed to his intention to improve relations between Moscow and Washington. However, even the best intentions in modern politics are worthless if they are not supported by real actions in a given direction. Before discussing more complex and long-term problems, Moscow proposes to implement a number of priority confidence-building measures in the humanitarian and diplomatic spheres, as well as to declare non-interference of countries in each other’s Internal Affairs. Without these initial small steps, all talk about improving relations between countries will remain empty and meaningless rhetoric.

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The last visit of us Secretary of state to Russia, of course, did not become a breakthrough. However, the resumption of intensive Russian-American dialogue in business and constructive manner is in itself a definite achievement, given the dangerous degradation of relations over the years. The next meeting of the heads of state and foreign ministries of Russia and the United States is expected in late June at the G20 summit in Japan. Until that time, the parties will continue regular consultations in order to try together to create a “new, more constructive matrix” of relations.

Yes, the success of such a daring event is still hard to believe. There are too many intractable contradictions and mistrust between our countries. But we will. And we’ll see what happens.