Russia appeals to U.S. politicians over accusations of meddling

Russia appeals to U.S. politicians over accusations of meddling

The Russian Embassy in the United States has appealed to American politicians to stop the unsubstantiated accusations of Moscow’s interference in the Electoral Process of the United States. The statement of the diplomatic mission was published on Facebook.

Diplomats called the incident a promotion of a new spiral of speculation. “It is particularly striking how this myth is exploited by political forces in Washington to achieve its opportunistic goals. Putting unsubstantiated, unsubstantiated accusations against each other on the “Russian theme” becomes a bad American political tradition,” the embassy added, reminding that Russia does not interfere in the internal processes of other countries.
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They also noted that the anti-Russian component in the inter-party struggle led to an unprecedented degradation of relations between Moscow and Washington.

The day before, on February 24, it was reported that U.S. Democratic senators were called upon to punish Russian President Vladimir Putin and the country itself with sanctions for an alleged attempt to interfere in the elections. The Senate wrote a letter to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin.

The Washington Post previously reported in February that Moscow could interfere in the current U.S. election process. According to her information, Russia tried to help Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders.

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