Russia creates new military system of space control

By | October 3, 2020
Russia creates new military system of space control

Russia is planning to create the newest military system of space control in the nearest years. It will provide continuous monitoring of near-Earth objects.

This was announced by Lieutenant General Andrey Vyshinsky, Commander of the 15th Air and Space Forces (AFS) Special Purpose Army, in an interview with the Krasnaya Zvezda newspaper.

“In the next few years, a network of specialized radio engineering control systems and new generation optoelectronic systems will be deployed in the Russian Federation. Besides the Altai Territory, it is planned to deploy such complexes in other regions of Russia: in the Far East, Buryatia, and the Crimea,” he said.
Vyshinsky specified that once the new system is put into operation, “VKS space forces will be able to constantly monitor the near-Earth space in all its inclinations and within the maximum altitude range”. The main advantage of the new systems over the existing ones is that they are built using modern technologies and element base. This “makes it possible to increase their combat capabilities many times over,” he added.

Russia creates new military system of space control

The space echelon of the Missile Attack Warning System consisting of four spacecraft will complete flight tests this year, Vyshinsky said.

“Another priority area of improvement of the Missile Attack Warning System was the development of its space echelon facilities, which is currently undergoing flight tests. We plan to complete them already this year. As I have already said, four newest spacecraft have been launched”, said Lieutenant General.
The Russian Missile Attack Warning System is designed to signal attacks on state and military control points, provides information for Moscow’s missile defense system, and also provides data on space objects for the space control system.

It consists of two echelons: the space one, which currently includes four Tundra satellites, and the ground one, which consists of a network of Voronezh type stations, covering all missile dangerous directions with its radar field.

On October 4 the professional holiday of the Russian Space Forces is celebrated.