Russia gained control over the Ukrainian economy, the expert

Russia gained control over the Ukrainian economy, said Dmitry marunich, co-Chairman of the energy strategy Fund, on NewsOne.
From the first of June, Russia will supply Ukraine with coal, oil and oil products only under separate permits. Such restrictions have become one of the countermeasures to expand the list of prohibited imports of Russian goods by Kiev. According to the expert, this measure gave Moscow “a powerful lever of influence.”
“It is obvious that the Russian authorities have received a powerful lever of influence on the situation with supplies and, accordingly, on the market of petroleum products in Ukraine with a projection on the General state of the Ukrainian economy,” he said.

However, according to Marunich, the cessation of oil products supplies from Russia is not expected, since large companies like Rosneft already receive permission to export fuel to Ukraine.
The expert also commented on the possibility of concluding a new contract between Moscow and Kiev for direct gas supplies and reducing the price of blue fuel for the population of Ukraine.
“So far, no negotiations (on the reduction of gas prices for Ukraine by 25 percent — Approx. ed.) in this direction, as I see, is not conducted. And I do not see the desire of the Ukrainian authorities to sign a new transit contract with the Russian Federation. Moreover, Naftogaz is going to regular courts with Gazprom. It is obvious that such a statement of the issue does not contribute to the signing of a new transit contract. And from January 1, we are unlikely to see it,” Marunich concluded.
In April, the Ukrainian government expanded sanctions against Russia. The list of prohibited goods for import into the country included cans, bottles for food and other products. Moscow has taken retaliatory measures. In addition to the introduction of special permits for the supply of coal, gasoline and diesel fuel, Russia prohibits the export of oil, ethane, butane, bitumen, ethylene, propylene, as well as the import of certain types of engineering products, light industry and Metalworking, pipe products, paper and cardboard, clothing and footwear.

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