Russia has developed a rescue waterproof suit for pilots.

By | October 4, 2020

Russian specialists have developed a new rescue waterproof suit for pilots who have suffered a disaster on the water. This was announced by the TV channel “Zvezda” in the program “Military Acceptance”.

The high-altitude marine rescue kit VMSK-4 is designed to perform flights and survive the crash of aircraft. It is said in the report that the suit consists of several parts. First, the underwear is worn, then – an overload suit, after it – a high-altitude compensating suit and a thermal protection suit, and the last one – an impermeable jumpsuit.

Special boots with positive buoyancy reserve have also been developed for pilots. New types of fabrics were used to create the set, it was made by ultrasonic welding and heat insulation was replaced in it.

Earlier it was reported that the crews of combat ships of the Russian Navy will receive helmet designators, which will allow the sailors to control automatic guns AK-630 head rotation. Development of the Ave.